Agata by Sovrappensiero for Incipit Lab

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Delicate shapes and strong material contrasts give birth to a decorative and essential lighting source. Agata ceiling lamp is composed by a metal body, that outlines a pure geometric shape holding a mirrored glass lampshade through a soft shaped wood component. The glass hides or shows the lighting source through plays of light, transparency and reflections. Agata lamp is elegant if used alone, but it can set up hanging graphic scenic designs if used in a bunch or row of lamps, also thanks to the different colour shades.

Agata is a ceiling lamp with structure of bent and varnished iron pipe. Its lampshade is made of dyed beech wood and diffuser of borosilicate blown glass with metallic and mirrored finish. The ceiling connection is polished and varnished aluminium socket and zinc-coated iron bracket with axis rotation mechanism. Hanging metal wires are adjustable in height and rotation.

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