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Moonshades Sunglasses by Gábor Megyery

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

What makes a good frame? This was the question in mind when Gábor Megyery and his team first started the design of Moonshades Sunglasses.

Their research yielded the following:

the most important qualities are comfortability, aesthetically pleasing characteristics, sturdiness and eco-friendliness. While searching for an adequate material they found cork, which seemed to be the solution. Cork easily meets three of the mentioned criteria. A renewable material, which by nature is soft to the touch, and its special texture gives it a unique look. Sturdiness is the only criterion which could not be met by natural cork. To help this problem of toughness they experimented with various composite materials.

They managed to find a combination of materials which helped to compensate for the low tensile strength of natural cork. This material coupling helped to maintain the original flexibility of the cork, and thus they could further concentrate on the factor of ergonomics. The production technology of this composite material is simple, resembling injection moulding. The final product is a sunglass which is so comfortable to wear that its barely noticeable. The temples of the frame are not holding tight on the wearer’s skull, but softly embracing it.

Cork sunglasses are 45% lighter than similar sized and shaped common plastic ones, therefore the frames are so light, that even with the added tinted glass it can float on water.

Another reason for using cork as the main material was that cork, by its nature is an exceptionally lightweight, soft and non-irritative material, which thanks to their long research since 2013, became immensely strong. Cork frame glasses stay on you without pressing the areas behind your ears.

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