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SPYNDI by Mindaugas Zillions

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

SPYNDI is a furniture innovation inspired by the human spine. A set of uniquely shaped elements, the SPINE, that can be build into any kind of furniture.

Mindaugas Zillions came up with the idea of SPYNDI in 2007. With engineers and biomechanics contribution, it took him nine years to develop the perfect SPYNDI. A surface treated with a natural oil coating makes it soft as silk and an elegant but unbreakable wooden structure. The technology used in making it allows it to be perfect for indoor and outdoor use. What is best is that SPYNDI has a lifetime warranty.

It is a work of art an outstanding, luxurious and sensational timeless design solution which helps to create furniture that looks like art sculptures in any type space.its multifunctional and sustainable design helps to reach an absolutely unique and patented creation.

Uniquely shaped elements of SPYNDI are made of 1260 natural birch plywood pieces.


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