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Arbor Pendant by Alex Buckman Studio

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

The Arbor pendant celebrates the beauty in a product that is stripped back to only the necessary components. You can observe the Arbor pendant and easily understand how it’s made through its functional details. It's an honest object.

The Arbor series concentrates on what parts are needed to allow the object to exist for its appropriate function. The aesthetics are consequence of this principle and drive all products in the Arbor Series.

The Pendant was mostly designed using CAD. This makes it easy for a quick iterative process where many trial can evolve quickly. Once they were happy with a form they could produce a physical prototype and make any small changes that were not conceivable in the computer. The pendants are manufactured using the latest CNC technology, which insures precision and a high level of craft. The Arbor Pendant is assembled and finished by hand in Alex Buckman Studio. This transition from the digital machine to the human hand is very important. It's essential for physical human interaction to exist in all products at some level. Especially when those people value, admire, and respect the product.


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