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Stitching Concrete by Florian Schmid

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Stitching Concrete is a project, inspired by the contrasts of the Material Concrete Canvas. These furniture pieces are made by folding fabric that's impregnated with cement then drenching it in water. It consists of cement layered between fabric and a PVC backing. Once soaked it can be manipulated for a few hours before hardening. A wooden mould supports it while drying within 24 hours. Before that the edges have been stitched together with brightly coloured thread. The Material combines the warm softness of the cloth and the stability of the cold concrete, but the finished surface keeps the soft appearance.

The Project plays with a visual delusion that actually cloth cannot give the strength to sit on. After some first test how to handle the material the designer tried to approach through different channels like patterns, stitching, and all kinds of origami. For the final mock-ups thin foam rubber simulated the abilities of the real material as best. The Stools are for indoor and outdoor use, caused by the material´s durability against UV and chemicals, fire proofed, water resistant and strong enough to sit on.

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