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Lamps by Bottle Brad Turner

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Bottle Brad, an award winning glassblower, creates sculptural and functional glass objects with a strong focus on diversity, craftsmanship, and conceptual originality. Valuing an honest use of material, his glasswork seeks to emphasize the medium’s unique characteristics such as the rare combination of strength and fragility, the unmistakable relationship with light and optics, or it’s storied roots in vessel-making and functional design. Above all, he seek to create well-made, thoughtful objects that add relevant content to the creative glass landscape.

Traden Lamp is a very exceptional lamp where the wire of the light bulb is used as part of the design and combined with the glass; the hybrid of the two creates a very interesting and unique lamp. The translucency of the glass in its bottom helps to hide the light bulb which adds to its mysterious look.

The Threaded Lamp follows the same concept as Traden lamp while further developing the relation between the light bulb's rope and the glass. This lamp is less mysterious as its very clear and lucidly shows off the light bulb inside.

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