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Vertigo Pendant Lamp by Constance Guisset Studio

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Vertigo is a lamp deploying its enveloping structure to form a space for privacy. Its extreme lightness makes mobile at the mercy of drafts. Lit, fine ribbons draw a shaded drawing of the surrounding walls.

Vertigo is a cabin lamp in the words of its designer; both air and graphics, it adapts to large volumes as small, where it recreates a clean and intimate space. Structure lightweight fiberglass, tensioning by polyurethanes ribbons velvet touch, this suspension exerts a real fascination when it comes alive.

Vertigo is a den-lamp; it wraps around you, reducing space to an intimate atmosphere. Due to its extreme lightness, air currents make it slightly lose its balance and turn slowly. Vertigo seems to float, with the light on, it creates a pattern of shadows on the walls.

#Lamp #Lighting

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