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Ludo collection by David Dolcini, STUDIOBellosta

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Pure volumes and essential lines, with dynamism and a bit of irony are the ingredients of Ludo taps collection. The minimalism and the architectonic rigor of the Ludo silhouette are the result of the poised combination of three distinct volumes, the conic-trunk shape of the basis, the cylindrical mixer and the thin swinging spout that ensures a comfortable, swiveling water jet. The swinging spout, with its thinness and its position between the body and the mixer, encloses the innovation of the Ludo collection in terms of technology and typology. Its movement, separated from that of the handle, allows to rotate the spout of 60° both to left and right and guarantees the stability of the flow and the of mix of temperature, optimizing the exploitation of the basin surface and the use of water.

“I felt that I had to find a trait d’union between the vital flair, the iconic elegance and the functionality for an object of a daily use such as a tap. Ludo is the perfect summary of this genesis, a cross expression of the contemporary design” explains David Dolcini.

The beauty and peculiarity of Ludo products are enhanced by a wide range of finishing and chromed brasses, thought to give unique experiences through tactile and optical different sensations.

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