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Ligomancer Sofa by CTRLZAK for JCP

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

CTRLZAK’s projects and extensive research into tradition and cultural context create a new hybrid future by learning from the past. Each project is a story waiting to be told, with a multitude of forms and endings. Each one experiments with diverse methods of narration where irony and symbolism go beyond aesthetics and functionality, in order to activate mechanisms of reflection.

Their Ligomancer Sofa is inspired by a text of Alistair Gentry, artist and author; "a few of the most telepathic people of that region can be heard declaring that when the flames were at their peak, two men and a woman were drifting in the midst of the fire, and that they ascended on black threads through the collapsing and molten steel girders and the broken glass, then passed through the air like lightning to vanish with a clap of thunder."

Designers Katia Meneghini and Thanos Zakopoulos of CTRLZAK have taken this text into a real interpretation and created a sofa made from copper structural frame wrapped with elastic bands, creating a very unique, fresh and artistic idea of sofa which is very much functional.

#Sofas #Copper #Elastic

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