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Connect Serving Boards by Baker Street Boys

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Connect Serving boards are a beautiful and genius modular solution for extending the size of your serving board. The idea came from the designers' for a nice serving board to serve French bread (baguette). The problem was that these boards are so long that it is difficult to store them in the kitchen. They won't fit between kitchen cupboard and the kitchen worktop. So the Baker Street Boys decided to split the board in half but in a way that this split forms a handle. As a result they got modular boards and as they are all the same they could then mix different materials and have a different combination on the table.

Currently they are available in oak, black marble (Nero marquina), white marble (Bianco Carrera). In the future they will also introduce a perspex version of it.

#Cuttingboard #Wood #Marble #Tableware #Kitchenaccessories

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