Lattoo by Coalesce Design Studio

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Hiraeth is the result of a search for a feeling that is indescribable. A yearning for a past that you never want to forget.That’s the feeling that the spinning Lattoo seats will evoke. That experience that enlivens a moment of your long forgotten childhood. Take a spin and experience your Hiraeth.

5 designers, Partners at the Coalesce Design studio, work together to explore the Lattoo, a familiar childhood object. Each has his own interpretation. Traditional, contemporary, whimsical, deconstructed, and futurist. Each Lattoo is a dialogue between different materials, forms, space, and motion.

Stools based on the form of the top (lattoo) are not only surprisingly comfortable, but also allow one to spin while seated on them, maintaining the authenticity of the original form and its function in the interpretive move to furniture objects.