Friends Sideboard by Mark Bendow

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

The dynamic of states like falling, floating or swinging is just hardly applied onto a static body. But if we think about dancing or acrobatics it becomes clear that the most dynamic and exciting figures are based on the interaction of several individuals. To support and hold each other and therefore to counteract external forces ones could not bear alone - This is the essence of team-work and the fundamental quality of friendship and has been the inspiration in form, construction and name to designer Mark Bendow ́s sideboard "friends“.

The single, one-leged pieces of the ensemble couldn't stand by themselves. Leaning on each other they find stability as an ensemble without losing their individual dynamic character. By the interaction of simplicity in color and form, dynamic of shape and the citation of an emotional idea, designer Mark Bendow reflects contemporary trends and simply reduces them to a common denominator. This sideboard is made from ecological and sustainable Moso bamboo. The combination of its dynamic shape and simple color scheme creates a thrilling style.

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