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SADL Stool by LMBRJK Studio

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

The SADL Stool is the product of a mutual partnership between machinic precision and human sensibility. It is Laser-cut and hand-assembled. 40 centimetres of what the LMBRJK studio has dubbed digital wood. The SADL Stool reorganizes sheet plywood through a process of cutting profiles on a laser, to assemble into a functional form for sitting.

The stool is first designed in the computer as a surface model in a 3d CAD software. The model is then sliced vertically to produce nearly 80 separate layers, each of which combines together to form the entire stool. These sections are cut on a laser, organized, spread with glue, hand-assembled, and finally clamped together. This process, from initial concept to final production takes place completely in the LMBRJK studio.

Once completed, the SADL Stool is a synthetic wood assembly. Its strength is found in its multi layered structure, its beauty in its slender curves. Its narrative is a contemporary solution to an age old question of elegance and ergonomics.

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