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Cutting Board Series by Moebel Compagnie

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Moebel Compagnie's passion is to make furniture that is durable in its form and materiality and can age with the owner. Their furniture is to touch people and make everyday life easier. The furniture MOEBEL COMPAGNIE connect consistently traditional handicraft, traditional wood joints and contemporary furniture design. These furniture fit so naturally into different environments. The three series Margarete, Conrad and Edge are very minimal, elegant and funky looking cutting boards, each with a unique character and design everyday use. Not only suitable for working, but also to prepare and serve, or for a snack on the balcony.

The Margarete Series consists of squared boards with two recessed edges that hold on different colors of handles to carry the board around.

Konrad Series divides into XL and M. The XL boards are placed on four legs, more looking like a stool, while the M boards only contain the top part which is thick and also cororful with the different colors of the metal that wraps around it.

The Edge Series as suggested by the name has a lot going on its edges. Having the shape of a hexagon with angled edges that either extend out or in, a number of these board can fit into each other and additionally be placed next to a polished copper container of the same shape.

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