Blown Glass Collections by Giorgio Bonaguro for Driade

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

In a unique geological and archaeological scene, in distant Cappadocia, a large number of hot air balloons float into the sky at dawn, all year round. This event inspires the collection of vases Kapadokya produced in transparent borosilicate glass with copper coloured collar base. Developed in two sizes, their shapes recall the plastic roundness and poetic unstable lightness of air balloons. Sophisticated and elegant furnishing complements that are ideal to hold large colourful bouquets, and ideal also as individual protagonists.

Mykes is a collection of refined hand-blown glass candle stands produced in three different sizes, whose shape mirrors the harmonious lightness of a mushroom. Inspired by ancient Greek culture, where the mushroom was considered a symbol of life endowed with divine properties. Legends relate that the courageous hero Perseus, weary after a long journey, quenched his thirst with water collected in the cap of a mushroom. Grateful for the solace offered by nature, he decided to establish in that very site a new city called Mycene (from the Greek mykes, which means mushroom).

Red Square is a collection of transparent hand-blown glass vases with powerful decorative features. The simple lines of the inferior band highlight the precious workmanship of the superior band, which recalls the luxurious aesthetics of Byzantine architecture.

As inferred by the name, the collection is inspired by the ancient domes of the Cathedral of St. Basil in the Red Square, Moscow.Produced in three sizes, these vases are the ideal choice for small bouquets. Placed in sequence, they describe a refined and poetical landscape.

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