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Wallit by Shahaf Ben Abu

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Wallit is a wooden clip wallet. Wallit addresses the needs for a convenient outgoing.

A durable wallet that can hold a reasonable but small amount of cards and bills; it is thin and very user friendly. Wallit is made of two panels of easy to clean high quality Birch plywood laminated to HPL.

Wallit is as easy to use as a clothespin, simply pressing on the bottom opens the wallet and enables extracting the cards and bills from it. When Wallit is closed the content is fastened by the 4 silicon knobs that also protect the cards from wear and tear. One of the things that makes Wallit special is that it is scratch proof and has variety of unique colors and textures such as concrete, marble, aged oak, aluminum. This variety makes Wallit very fashionable, and enables anyone to choose the style that best matches their persona.

#Wallet #Fashion

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