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Mirror 'The Egg' by Studio Teun Fleskens

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

The Egg is a mirror with a design that is both functional and minimalistic. This mirror can easily be hung onto the wall, which also makes this mirror easy to move. Available in coated MDF in white and anthracite, cedar wood and massive teak wood. The variety in teak is also suitable for outdoor use. Mirror 'the Egg' is perfect in combination with key cupboard 'the Cabinet', made of the innovative material Corian. This key cupboard is, combined with 'the Egg', a secret place for keys and other valuable belongings, which makes 'the Cabinet' very useful in the entrance.

'the Egg' can easily be hung onto the wall by using coat hook 'the Trumpet'. These musical coat hooks can be mixed in colour and material: white or anthracite bio plastic, stainless steel or liquid wood. The liquid wood variety is a mix of biological plastic and beech wood or coco wood. New: 'the Trumpet' is also available in copper and brass.

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