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Wisada by Ayah Al Bitar

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Wisada is a floor cushion designed by Ayah Al Bitar. It has a very contemporary look for a very traditional usage. This bicycle shaped seat is made up of quite few layers. It uses medium density memory foam sponge padding to help sort out your lumbar pain when you are seated on the floor as well as other joints that tighten up. It's hand shaped so uniquely and delicately perfecting every curve in its perfect place.

The leather is 100% Italian from Bologna, treated to be stretched and durable for use. It is also waterproof, sun proof and cigarette proof. The thread used for stitching Wisada is English and very specific threading is used solely for leather upholstery allowing for every stitch to be tightly put avoiding any rips or tears during its use.

Every little detail was thought of and is still being thought about. There is always room for development and urge to reach total perfection.

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