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Karton.dan Pendants by Selen Alpa

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Karton.dan is designed and handcrafted of high quality paper products. Alpa started on this road by questioning herself as to what she can design with a simple piece of paper. Her research led to the discovery of the old Japanese art of origami. The most important feature of this great art work is the ability to create a variety of designs and patterns without the usage of cutting devices and adhesives.

She then concentrated her efforts in this specific direction and designed her own patterns to create an original line of lighting products. With the inspiration of the Japanese culture and the infusion of the Scandinavian style, the product brings a warm and unique ambiance to the surrounding.

The pendant shades are offered in two different sizes, the larger size recommended for singular usage and the smaller size for two or more adjacent usages. Each and every detail is handcrafted, material used being delicate as the trees which they are produced from and differ from each other in style, shape and color.

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