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Pierced Light for Castor Design

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

The Pierced Light is an exploration in glass-blowing and organic glass forms. The table light features a hand-blown glass body and a steel rod with an internal LED lamp. The molten glass is rolled and inflated, and then pierced on an angle as it solidifies. Once hardened, the glass body is sand-blasted for use as a diffuser to spread a soft light. The glass extends from the round body in the direction it was pierced, giving a nod to the fabrication process. Each glass body is crafted with unique sculptural quality, and its distinct form is given contrast by the minimal design of the LED rod that fits through its pierced hole. Stripped of any ornamentation, the lamp is finished in copper, chrome, or gold, and is activated by a button at the end of the rod.

#Lighting #Copper #Metal

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