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Herringbone Vases by Phil Cuttance

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

The Herringbone vases are the result of Phil Cuttance's continued interest in creating visually complex three dimensional forms, in a relatively 'lo-fi', handmade way.

On closer inspection the objects often reveal small imperfections, which are a result of the hand-made nature of the pieces, even though some are often assumed to be made by 3D printer.

In a similar manner to his Faceture vases, Cuttance have taken a pleat pattern and manipulated it to create a complex folded landscape, using a flat mould into which he casts resin. From this form he then casts another mould from which the Herringbone vases are cast in a water based cement composite. After it is removed from the mould the casting is hand finished and etched to reveal the fine cement like texture.

Each vase in handmade in Cuttance's London studio, and has a-non scratch cork base with the number of the object branded into the surface.

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