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Two peas in a pod and Think Tank Lamps by Architecture et Mécanismes

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Architecture et Mécanismes focuses on creating projects designed and executed with close attention to structure and details. Their two projects Two Peas in a Pod and Think Tank have a very unique formal and structural combination.

Two Peas in a Pod is a desk apparatus consisting of a directional desk lamp, a paper shredder, a pencil sharper, an ink container and a scale; all incorporated into an oxidized brass box mounted onto a concrete amorphous shape.

Think Tank is a directional desk lamp shaped as a war tank. It is made out of a black steel base and a stainless steel gun which houses a LED light strip. The user has the possibility to manœuvre and direct the "gun" light upwards, downwards, left or right. This lamp is used to light up your draft texts, scribbled drawings, preliminary scripts and future promising projects.

#Lighting #Concrete

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