Porin and Maburu Tables by mob Design Studio

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Inspired by Japanese ideology of harmony of merging materials, “Porin & Maburu” tables tell us a history of how materials bond and complement each other, driven by an appropriate balance to shape a piece of furniture.

The transition of materials plays a fundamental role on how one perceives these furniture pieces from different angles. Form the unfinished base of a table that is completed with pieces such as brass or carbonized wood recovery, to the Carrara marble top, they all bond to fulfil the function of giving a unique character to the piece and complement the shape while accomplishing its performance.

Porin table is cleverly supported on one side by the wood piece passing through the marble and on the other side by the marble top that bends to reach the floor, making all the materials used structural as well.

Maburu on the other hand is made by two of the bent marbles on either side with a V-shaped gap in between which is connected by an elegant looking brass piece.

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