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721 Grams Candleholder by Studio Isabell Gatzen

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

The naming of 721 grams acknowledges the significant weight of each brass candleholder, each modular piece weights approximately 721 grams. The pieces fit precisely into one another and by moving, stacking or turning them around you can change the candleholder's appearance for different occasions and table settings.

The unique flexible design means that there are infinite ways to arrange the candleholder ensuring that one will never get tired of 721 grams. It is truly a candleholder for life, to be treasured and passed onto future generations.

“The inspiration for 721 grams comes from a desire to create a candleholder in the traditions of the past using valuable and durable materials, and high quality craftsmanship to create an investment piece to be enjoyed for years to come. There is also a strong element of interactivity which adds a rich level of playfulness to the piece.” IG, Zurich 2015

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