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Ace Collection by Normann Copenhagen

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

The Ace lounge collection by Hans Hornemann from Normann Copenhagen Studio, is a series that combines intelligent engineering with an elegant visual impression. The inviting volume of the upholstery is accentuated by a soft, rounded design, while angled legs give it a nonchalant expression. In a delicate proportional balance between weight and lightness, Ace compellingly conquers a room with its relaxed, yet stylish, attitude.

Ace is delivered in two attractive fabrics, a vibrant velour and a flecked wool textile, as well as soft, exclusive leather. The woollen textile, “Nist”, has been developed in-house by Normann Copenhagen to complete the characteristic visual style as it gives the chair a more stringent, masculine look.

In addition to the Ace lounge chair, the Ace collection includes a sofa, a dining table chair and a footstool.

Imagine a box with a handle that you simply grab and take home from the shop and within a few minutes transform into an exclusive lounge chair. The Ace lounge collection innovatively unifies luxurious upholstered furniture with functional flat-pack principles, in an expressive design inspired by an urban lifestyle.

All parameters have been carefully thought through in the development of Ace; from quality and aesthetics to flexibility and price. Ace is constructed from moulded plywood, covered with moulded foam for the highest possible comfort. Completely untraditionally for the lounge furniture genre, all of the designs in the collection can be disassembled, so they do not take up much space and can be easily transported.

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