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xNewtons by Mob Studio

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Inspired by Japanese culture, carpentry and aesthetic philosophy of wabi-sabi, xNewtons was born; a piece that frames the power and strength of natural materials, taking elements in their purest stage.

xNewtons or xN is a series of tables designed by Mob studio which is made from combining the raw wooden pedestal of the base with marble top. Each of the used materials has its own strong characteristic and combined together they make a unique sculptural and furniture piece.

The rough natural wood holds on to the circular cut marble and the crown piece, which is the brass turned wedge, is driven on top of the wood to further secure the counter top. the term Newton is given to this piece due to the completing force provided by the brass wedge, as it cause the wood to crack to help secure the counter or in other words complete the piece.

#Wood #Marble #Brass #Table

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