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21.1 Pendants by Omer Arbel for Bocci

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

21 results from a fabrication process in which thin porcelain sheets are draped over an inverted diffuser made of sandblasted borosilicate glass. The thin porcelain skin is allowed to dress the borosilicate core in whatever form occurs naturally, creating a unique shape in every iteration of the fabrication process.

Inspired by the form of a barnacle, the Bocci 21.1 Single Pendant is handcrafted with an inverted trumpet of frosted borosilicate glass draped in translucent porcelain. These materials create contrasting plays of light, soft and diffuse through the porcelain, sharp and crisp through the glass. Install this single pendant in clusters for a distinctively organic, modern sculpture. The pendant is available with different canopy options to further customize the overall look.

#Lighting #Porcelain

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