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Nohogany by Maribel Carlander

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Nohogany is a series of stools that combines a minimalistic Scandinavian style with a piece of sustainable and lesser-known tropical wood. The natural and unusual characteristics of the exotic wood offers an alternative to dying commonly used wood and the project challenges the idea that using local materials in design is the only sustainable choice. Developing a renewed interest in tropical wood also helps to prevent the spread of highly destructive industries such as cattle farming, palm oil production etc.

By using certified wood and lesser-known species, a greater economical value is generated for forest owners, whilst simultaneously lessening the overexploitation of endangered species such as mahogany and teak, a win win scenario.

The aim of the project is to show off a wide range of wood species rather than promoting one lesser-known species, which again might lead to over-harvesting. By using small dimensions and a standard processing of the wood it allows for the use of a wide variety of lesser-known species meeting the natural cycle of the forest and the different wood species it offers at different times.

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