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Crystal Architecture Collection: Manifesto and Visio Vases by Zaha Hadid

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Composed of two vases in numbered editions of clear or black crystal, the crystal Architecture Collection for Lalique includes the fluid lines of the manifesto and Viso in contrasting satin and polished finishes.

The Manifesto Vase reflects this language through crystal. As with Rene Lalique, Hadid's work often follows the example of the natural world:"The unrivalled logic and coherence of the natural world are a genuine source of inspiration to us," explained Hadid. Zaha Hadid instils the complexity and beauty of natural forms into her architecture.

The Visio Vase is a crystal tower whose lines ascend in almost infinite movement, illuminated by the brilliance of the plain crystal or sublimated by the deep mystery of black crystal.

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