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Poyekhali! Desktop Organizer by 52 FACTORY

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Desktop organizer, Poyekhali! (Off we go), is Nasya Kopteva and Sasha Braulov's dedication to the times when plethora of everything (deeds, events, inventions) associated with space was defined as 'first', the times when all mankind, it appeared, had ambition of flying into uncharted space and when human life beyond Earth seemed to be a question of a few decades. This project is their gratitude to the first outstanding achievements in the field of space exploration.

Desktop organizer "Poyekhali!" includes the following items: VOSTOK-1 writing utensils holder, for which the first spacecraft that took Yuri Gagarin onto the orbit on the 12 April 1961 served a prototype.

LUNOKHOD-1 stationery / jewelry box inspired by the shape of the namesake remote-controlled self-propelled Lunokhod (lunar rover) that successfully completed its mission on the Moon's surface. The cover of the Lunokhod has a surprise on its inner surface — a mirror modelled after spacesuit helmet SK-1 in which the first Soviet cosmonauts went onto orbit.

MOON, a multifunctional platform designed to resemble the lunar surface, with basic lunar relief elements as follows:

SEA OF SERENITY shape cork covered area for pins / needles;

COPERNICUS CRATER hidden magnetic surface for the clips;

SEA OF SHOWERS and OCEAN OF STORMS holders for erasers and small paraphernalia;

TYCHO CRATER tape/hair bands holder.

The platform has internal stash compartment in the form of shadow on the lunar surface assigned for keeping flat items, credit cards, cherished photos or fine jewelry. At the bottom of the stash you can see the engraving of the first artificial Earth satellite (‘SPUTNIK-1’).

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