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Gaia Plant Glass by Aric Snee

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

From busy metropolises like Paris, Tokyo and New York sprouts the idea of kitchen gardens cultivated in tiny backyards, on rooftops and even within private flats. Big cities’ residents want to enjoy the food they have grown themselves.

This spring, Holmegaard meets all design-loving plant enthusiasts with the self-watering plant glass Gaia. Its innovative, user-centered design was created by US glassware designer Aric Snee. Gaia Plant glass gives you a helping hand to ensure your fresh herbs will get the exact amount of water they need.

Moisturizing the knot will make spreading the soil easier. The user has to make sure that the knot is vastly spreaded in the upper bowl and that reservoir has a lot of water, especially just after planting. Don’t worry plant will consume only as much water as it needs to. Knot can be easily rinsed and washed. It won’t rot as it’s made of artificial fibers.

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