Flint By Ross Gardam for Tait

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

If there was ever a circus strongman in the Tait stable, Flint would be it. Known for near Herculean feats, this table setting is capable of accommodating up to 10 fine dining friends. Kick it, hurl obscenities at it. Thick-skinned and big-boned, Flint can take it.

The Flint table and bench collection is available in an indoor and an outdoor range. The leg detail was inspired by the principles of a lever and explores the idea of supporting the table using its own stabilising weight. And Flint will never run away, table and bench can be secured to level ground using concealed fixings. The tabletop is available in Australian spotted oak for outdoor use and horizontally laminated birch plywood for indoor use. The zinc-plated steel legs are available in the full range of powder-coated colours.

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