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Skin Collection by Jasser studio

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Jasser van Oortis is the artist behind Jasser studio. Being the son of a carpenter and craftsman, Fred Mensink, Jasser has been strongly influenced by the arts of craft.

Working for festivals Jasser has been exploring the field of decoration. “I like to take this expressive language and bring it back to small gestures in design, design that is both extravagant and simple, exuberant yet subdued. My mission blurs the line between art, decoration and design" says Jasser.

Jasser van Oort Studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven and graduated in 2014 with the first two chairs that gained him the public choice award of Gallery Pouloeuff and became the start of the ‘Skin Collection’. After the success of his graduation Jasser further developed his technique and the Skin Collection and partnered up with his father Fred Mensink. Where Jasser is constantly experimenting with new techniques and applications, his father brings in 25 years of handicraft in the mix. A unique and powerful combination.

The Skin Collection bridges the gap between digital technology and traditional craft. It’s a combination of the handcraft that he learned from his father with modern techniques such as laser cutter and water jet cutter.

The Skin Collection focuses on the production of limited edition design pieces and sculptures. All pieces are created in the workspace of Jasser Studio. The design pieces from the collection are a physical research in material and 21st century technological progress.

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