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DHATU (Brasswares) by Akanksha Rathore and Shreelekha Lakshmipathy

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

This project was done as a part of 4 weeks effort working closely with the artisans at Reha village. Sandcasting and forging were the methods practised for knife making which is the primary occupation of artisans at Reha.

The idea to come up with flatwares was to imply the already practiced art of Sand casting /forging and finishing and adding value, paying attention to details together offering a sellable and rich product for the users.

One design restricts itself to flat two dimension measurements with slight depressions

radii and curves, communicating usage and functionality of product. Moreover, it

facilitates quick finishing and production time. The design would provide the artisan an

opportunity to work on details and craft a product that highlights the ability and workmanship that goes in the making of the product. The material choice was restricted to brass to impartrichness of the color and shine when in time and adding on to the richness with the oxidised look years after it is put to use. The designs choices were made keeping in mind the details that when changed slightly affects and renders a different product all together allowing artisans to try explorations.

#Cutlery #Brass

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