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Trait D'Union Table by Mélanie Husson

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Mélanie Husson, winner of the Jury Prize of the design competition Hyphe, had designed Trait d'union Table based on the idea of how assembly can contribute to the design of an object, its material identity and its mechanical properties.

Having chosen 'Sealing' idea, using a material that changes from a liquid state to a solid state, to assemble her work, the choice of materials was therefore crucial. Melanie chose concrete and paper, a very unusual choice, to create a table. In this project it is the paper that supports the concrete which reverses the usual power relations. The innovative idea of her research alongside her choice of materials and aesthetics of the object, are the reasons why the Jury Rado Star Prize France 2013 have selected Trait D'Union Table project as the winner project.

#Table #Concrete #Paper

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