Gravity Table by Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Designed by Fredrikson Stallard Studio, Gravity reveals a body of work that balances between the analogue and the digital, the controlled and the chaotic; the work offers a dialogue between the serene and the dynamic, the natural and synthetic as well as the hand-made and the industrial. Offering an emotional narrative on the process, conceptualisation and manufacture of each piece of work. Gravity reveals Fredrikson Stallard’s interest in the process of creation and destruction, alongside the controlled technology that ultimately enables its creation.

In many of the pieces where acrylic has been used, each piece becomes four dimensional, as the edges are blurred and the reaction to and manipulation of light ensures that the work is no longer an inanimate object but one that reacts more intimately to its own environment, offering yet further layers of narrative. Gravity as a collection is effortless.

According to Fredrikson Stallard ,“The NEW is not the materials we are using, or the technology, what is new is seeing furniture and sculpture as the very same thing the object has become itself it does not need a function it can stand upon itself. Without technology we could not do what we do but we are not driven by the computer we are more interested in using and manipulating our emotions and our physicality”.

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