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Segment Chair by Saerom Yoon

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

In Saerom Yoon's Segment Series, art, design and craft are fused together. The design process and artistic approach of her works have been completed by the wood craft based on her understandings and profound research on materials.

Children like to squeeze into a small, dark and comfortable places because of the unconscious memory of their mother’s womb they had for nine months. When they reach to adulthood, those feelings disappear; however, the feelings come to the surface when they become exhausted and tired in difficult situation.

Segment Chair is designed for the relaxation of our body and mind.

In morphological approach of it, Yoon tried to start from simple design of a bowl for the optical easiness. She precisely calculated each piece and tried to bring them together into a newly designed structure. Yoon did not use any hardware for the pieces to be structurally bonded, but knit them together by distributing the weight onto each pieces so that the pressure is equally dispersed. Eventually it could reach to a structural firmness.

This process creates a perfect structural solidity and formal aesthetic, minimizing materials waste.

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