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Ivy 3D Printed Clutches by Odo Fioravanti

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

The new clutch designed for Maison 203 looks like those illustrations in the books of the first botanical explorers: true plant hunters, tireless travellers always in search of unknown seeds and flowers, ready to stun the world with their amazing discoveries.

A closer look reveals another curious similarity. The bag's structure is based on the football shape, that is the most popular application of the truncated icosahedron, a 3D solid made of hexagonal and pentagonal faces, one of the most intriguing solids known as Archimedean or semi-regular. This is the origin of the designer’s idea to explore how disc-shaped surfaces on a icosahedric structure could intersect creating a new starred solid.

The result of this geometric and rational research paradoxically leads to a decorative effect; it happens that the overlapping surfaces of the clutch turn into leaves and become the key of a pattern that verges on the hypnotic, that draws circles and hexagonal leafy branches; a happy rhythm that speaks of far-away flowers and leaves and reminds of the fascination of the tropics.

#Leather #Fashion

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