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The Division Belt by Fadi Sarieddine Design

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio is a multidisciplinary atelier founded by architect Fadi Sarieddine and his double partner, Lilas Bitar. Primarily focusing on furniture design, each bespoke piece is designed to cater to a personal "want" or a universal need. He takes from his broad architectural experience to enrich his furniture by coupling form and function, giving life to practical and charming objects.

The Division Belt explores the use of new materials like leather and stone distinguishing the design from Sarieddine’s previous body of works. The latter is a collaborative effort between the studio and the leather artisans MadebyNative. Together bringing to life limited edition pieces designed with the appreciation and love of natural materials that correspond with one another over time.

This project revolves around the premise of living with interactive furniture, collectables that feed off of one’s mood and needs, keeping with the logic of technology. Yet again, Sarieddine plays with the idea of customization as a means of producing limited edition pieces. The Division Belt had been exhibited at the 5th edition of Design Days Dubai, March 2016.

Housed in a wooden frame are eight handcrafted leather belts that loop around a wooden frame, acting as the main structure in which previously designed wooden objects are buckled in. Working with the physics of tension and compression, the insertion of each piece makes the belts stronger to hold their respective inserts. The belts are double saddle stitched in a signature MadebyNative yellow hand waxed linen thread making them more durable to hold the weight of the hanging objects.

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