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Textile Storage by Meike Harde

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Whereas the cabinet can be used to stow folded clothes like t-shirts, pullovers or trousers, the beige wardrobe serves to hang up clothes hangers. This furniture provides room for shirts, dresses or jackets. The slip cover made of pure cotton was constructed custom-fit so that it gains an enormous strain and stiffens when put over the metal frame. The zip placed in the front part forms the door. Behind this door a wooden clothes rail surfaces which was incorporated into the slip cover. The wardrobe is intentionally kept open at the bottom so that even extra-long dresses can be stowed away. It is also completely dismountable and can be installed and uninstalled with only a couple of hand movements.

The mint-green rhombic tower is composed of a metal frame over which an elastic textile tube can be put and then is tightened where the metal sticks cross. This creates pockets which can be filled through a slit in the textile mantle. These pockets are intended to make room for underwear, socks, caps, scarves and other accessories which can be seen from the outside due to the transparent fabric.

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