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A Set of P-11 Chair by Maxim Scherbakov

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

P-11 chairs are basically made of metal rods and plywood. This small collection by Maxim Scherbakov consists of three chairs, classic P-11 armchair and two new chairs using different materials and small changes in the proportions and ergonomics. Classic P-11 is a chair with complex polygonal shapes simple to manufacture without using any fasteners. The chair consists of a white metal frame and plywood triangles that form the seat and the back. The plywood elements are glued together between frame and thus creating a very reliable and simple joint of the two materials. P-11 with felt is more comfortable and has a greater slope of the back, which makes it more similar to Classic P-11 . The third is used as a dining chair and have a smaller size and the backrest. Similarly it does not have armrests, which makes it ideal for dining table.

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