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Freeze Collection by Paul Cocksedge

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

In Freeze, Cocksedge exploits freezing temperatures to create a seamless bond between metals that otherwise do not adhere in nature. The breakthrough in the series is a table of copper and aluminum that was made by first burying four copper legs in snow, leaving them to contract by 100th of a millimeter; second, excavating the legs and inserting them into holes cut into an aluminum slab where they were allowed to un-freeze back to ambient temperature thereby firmly locking into place in a strong, invisible join.

Further calibrating temperatures and tolerances of various shapes, forms, and metals, Cocksedge went on to create an entire body of exquisitely precise, balanced, and seemingly impossible works; each incorporating a stunning range of metals that appear to float together, magically.

This collection had been exhibited in Friedman Benda gallery in New York, for the first time.

#Table #Copper #Aluminium

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