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Arch Bundle by Graft Object

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Graft Object studio's focus is to design objects of insightful and creative implications, rather than settling purely on functionality. Mainly, this process involves identifying a variety of objects around us and grafting such objects with furniture. Their Arch Bundle is made of valchromat consists of one table and two stools.

Arch bundle is their first project to graft an architectural idea with furniture. The inspiration for the project comes from cross-vaulting, which is a result of intersecting two barrel vaults, common tectonic elements at a right angle.

The structural functionality of an intersected vault is not only useful for spanning architectural elements, but also to support people. Here, the apron and the legs are combined into a single structural element, the vault. With this vault-structure, they were able to keep the form comparatively slender at the bottom while retaining the capacity to support heavy loads.

Structural strength and a sense of architectural aesthetics are achieved simultaneously in this design

without compromising practicality over aesthetics, or vice-versa.

The four stools can be stacked neatly on top of the table for cleaning implications, and provide unexpected sculptural qualities even in this non-use arrangement.

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