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Les Angles Collection by Stephanie Marin

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

As the Livingstones and Dunes, Les Angles are at the same time a seating solution and structuring elements for living spaces. They form a set of geometric cushions which easily fit together to transform in seats for individuals or groups. A new furniture collection of eight elements to arrange at will.

This project fits perfectly in Marin’s universe, an original but familiar landscape, made of forms and colours to manipulate freely.

Together they are a flexible pavement, able to cover the floor, the ceiling or the walls. Thanks to the wool properties, they then become a remarkable insulating and soundproof structure.

Les Angles can adapt to any environment, from private spaces to larger contract projects.

Born in the museums from a creative spirit, Les Angles have matured. Stephanie Marin designed them into functional domestic objects to discuss, rest or work.

#Cushion #Seats #Fabric #Sofas

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