Ruby Tree Petal Collection by Bethan Gray and Mitchell Abdul Karim Crites

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

The design of this collection is inspired by the radiant geometric patterns of the exquisite early 17th c Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan, a UNESCO World Heritage Monument. Its remarkable gilded and iridescent dome, with its radiating petal pattern, is among the finest in the Islamic world. the designers have taken this dynamic and distinctive pattern and re-worked it in a series of stunning marble and inlay pieces in semi-precious Lapis Lazuli, a treasured material since Antiquity, Rose Quartz, revered for its auspicious healing properties, and precious Ruby, beloved for its rare beauty.

Bethan says ‘I wanted to create something reflecting the beauty, purity and rarity of the materials I am using, in this case Lapis Lazuli, one of the most iconic stones in history which appears throughout the arts of the Islamic world, even ground into blue ink for illuminating precious manuscripts. The petal design resonates within the white round marble top creating a vision of harmony that is both calming and yet dynamic, like ripples in a pool of water’.

The Ruby Tree Petal Collection pieces are objects of desire, with a graceful, luminous presence that blends easily with both traditional and modern interiors, grand occasions or intimate gatherings. The collection is cleverly designed to work in unison or separately, making it flexible and adaptable to your lifestyle and desires.

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