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Etna by Daniel García Studio and María J. Vargas

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Daniel García Studio with the collaboration of María J. Vargas, designs Etna, a collection of giant candle holders ideal to give any environment a splash of light and colour. Its simple and clean lines come from a conical shape made of solid pine wood. At the top are curves which evoke lava flows gliding down the slope of a volcano. This colour highlights the natural shades in the wood thanks to its translucency. This collection allows for the creation of a great variety of arrangements, as it is available in three different sizes and in a six colour palette.

Furthermore, there is an Etna Mini set that completes the family with smaller candleholders. Also made of solid pine, they imitate their big brothers in a more compact shape so that they can be used as a table centerpiece, in a shelf or wherever you like.This collection is manufactured by craftsmen of Woodendot.

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