Lucent Mirror/Shelf by Studio WM.

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

This wall-mounted object shows a gradual transition from mirror to lamp through a simple touch. The filtered glass can both reflect and transmit light depending on the light intensity coming from behind. Reflections visible in the mirror are filtered with a glow of two contrasting colours. As a lamp, white light is being separated into various soft colour tones, producing an ambient light in the room. The circular Lucent Mirror can slide along the front of three parallel shelves.

The dichroic glass contains micro-layers of metals or oxides that can change its colour and transparency. Situated on the left, the glass is transparent, showing off all your beautiful bathroom products behind a gloom of coloured light. When sliding to the right, the glass gradually loses its transparency. It turns into a mirror, exposing your products to be used. A dimmable LED source is integrated in the shelf alongside a sensor that enables a dialogue with the user when being touched.

Lucent is made from dichroic glass, POM / black MDF and LED.

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