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Babel by Fabien Dumas for Vertigo Bird

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Babel is literally the proper name for this lamp. Despite its shape inspired by the famous ancient tower it definitely reflects Dumas collaboration with Vertigo Bird. This lamp is the conclusion of a common vision as well as the aiming for the highest quality.

Inspiration for this luminaire came from the biblical story about the Tower of Babel. Moreover, luminaire looks like the tower of Babel; you can turn every single shade and when you do, the shape and angle of the light changes. Furthermore, you can change the angle of light from the side or from the zero position. It turns very smoothly just by one touch, without an engine inside.

The complete range of pendant lamp (three sizes of diameter 35/50/70cm) are all available in black washable textile.

Babel is suitable for any kind of space. Whether to light up floors or walls, its variable geometry construction allows an infinite number of shapes and light orientation from the same source. This unique versatility and three different sizes make it an ideal product for hospitality and home projects.

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