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Square One by Tarek El Kassouf for Squad design

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Working on a geometrical grid, Tarek El Kassouf takes us to a journey into the Arabic world's purest ornamental design that explores its hidden geometry. In designing his Square One project, he tries to go back to Square One in a search for the essence of Arabic patterns by proposing a three dimensional interpretation of this tradition that results in multi-functional furniture.

Square One is made of four separate identical triangular stools that together form a table. The top edges of the stools are further faceted to add to the complexity of the overall form and also to emphasize on the original grid the form was made on. Square One can be continually rearranged allowing its owners to reinvent a space in a seemingly infinite number of ways. This beautiful Table/Stool is made from American Wallnut with matt finish.

#Table #Stool

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