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Stellar By Christina Waterson for Tait

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

The Stellar Collection was inspired by the night sky and childhood memories of star watching and making constellations using the stars in view. This playfulness is at the heart of the Stellar Collection for TAIT as it encourages people to become modern-day astronomers, making their own constellations and patterns in the form of sculptural screens, ceilings, wall reliefs and objects.

While the names and patterns for our traditional constellations are inherited from Greek mythology, almost every culture on earth envisaged patterns in the stars that captured their unique culture and nature. For Stellar’s signature patterns Waterson re-imagined the stars in the night sky to form a set of new constellations based on the patterns and lines of Australian flora and fauna.

Three signature patterns in the Stellar Collection have been launched to date. They include Kingii, Banksia and Rosella. Kingii reflects the distinct form of the Frilled-neck lizard’s open mouth. Patterns within the Banksia’s flower spikes at different stages of growth and blooming are reflected in the Banksia pattern. Rosella, captures the moment when a family of Rosellas(birds) alight from feeding on grass seed and pine nuts.

The Stellar Collection of screens, ceilings, wall reliefs and objects bring a finer grain to domestic and commercial projects. The Collection is available through TAIT.

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